Wednesday, February 5, 2014

well, I thought

 I had uploaded pictures from the iPad here.  hum, must be floating in cyberspace -- somehow whomever receives them might just wonder --- "why is someone sending me pictures of a sewing machine?" ....

 I finally got the long arm stashed away -- well, as stashed as a long arm can be ..

 Robyn tells me she answers 3 questions every day ...

1.  What is that -- "a long arm sewing machine"
2.  Where's Nick (the cat) -- "he died" (I think I've said it enough I stop tearing up) ...
3.  Sorry can't remember #3.  ahh.. #3 is the wine rack of empty bottles.  "who drank the wine" ... my theory -- bring more, we'll demonstrate.

So it rolls on 3rd street.


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