Monday, February 3, 2014

yes, I was the

  duffas (doo-fuss -- (dip shit -- idiot) not sure of the spelling) driving down the street this morning with the "dome" lights on in the red truck.  the dang things wouldn't go off on their own.  I just checked on 'em  1/2 hour later they finally went off  -- or the battery died. 

 ah, Monday -- let the games begin.  it's going to be a great week.

 Kevin comes back to work on Thursday -- first he needs to load out pigs and clean the hog barn -- he'll be happy to come here after that project ....

 Meredith is coming back on Tuesday -- Robyn will be thrilled to leave early every day ... I knew last week when she asked me if I'd called "1-800-Meredith"  --

  Cindy came on Saturday ... and Abby is back in college -- new faces/old faces/changing faces -- that's the story of life!

  I actually watched (well, listened) to the last 1/3 of the Super Bowl, I was reading the paper at the same time -- the Budweiser ad with the pup and the Clydesdale's was cute!


 hum -- spell check doesn't know the spelling of duffass either!


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