Thursday, March 20, 2014

good morning st. peter

  I've come to the conclusion that I am the only nut job who actually gets up and goes to work at 5:30 am.   Listen peeps -- it is the best time of the day ...

no phones (no annoying salesmen) ...
I don't have to fight for time in the bathroom
the washing machine is just waiting for me
generally there is no waiting in line at McDonalds

the only other peeps I see are the exercise freeks at Anytime Fitness (really, who wants to sweat at 5:30am) .. and the morning commuters (and who wants to drive to Mpls everyday) ..

every morning I get to see sunrise and it's always fabulous!

happy Thursday

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Shay said...

I agree that early morning is the best time of the day. I get up and just contemplate all sorts of things.I treasure the quiet! Often Im in at work early (but not as early as you) and I get a ton of stuff done before other people start coming in and the phones start going crazy.