Monday, March 10, 2014

holy darkness

  yepper, it is dark out there.  Although I understand the rational behind the "daylight savings" concept.  I really don't like it.  Hence, the really early starts last week .. prepping my sleep depraved self for the real switch. 

  it was odd -- to have light out at 7:00pm -- I had homework and was diligently slaving away at the home computer.

  and when I arose this morning elder #2 had screwed up the gmail/google email again.  my gmail/google account.  I will be banning her from the computer from now on ... took an hour (in the darkness) to delete/restore/reclaim my calendar.  dang it.

  yesterday was a dangerous day on 3rd street -- while touring the basement of this old house -- I managed to trip on an old rug -- and crappie flop dramatically -- my knee has a nasty burn/scrap on it ... managed to save the glasses -- Cindy scrapped my tired/battered/bruised self off the floor and got me up the stairs  -- all of this drama because we were checking to see if it was dry down there ... and so far so good -- it's dry.

  the basement is a cool spooky place -- needs a bit of work (cleaning) .. might need to be this summers project ... all of our old files are stored in the newest (as in 1930's) section.  the old steam boilers are still down there and there is a lot of old steam pipes etc.

  happy Monday -- it's going to be a fabulous week!


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