Saturday, March 29, 2014

Iris ...

those who know me best -- know that the iris is my favorite flower -- if/when I ever get married -- they'll be in the bouquet and when I leave this earth -- they'll grace my urn. 
Aunt Margaret Ann sent an email of "beautiful" flowers and I snatched up this picture of the iris.
Left St. Peter today for the FIRST time since January 5th!   Needed toner and ink because the DAMN copy machine died Friday night and the repair peeps have yet to return my frantic (and pissed off) messages. 
on a lighter note it was a beautiful day.
and I'm on the front page of the Mankato paper -- haven't seen it yet ... I'm sure it's memorable.


Barb H said...

I think irises are the most beautiful flower and I love the fragrance. My mother only grew one kind of flower ( but tons of vegetables!) and that was the iris. Hope you had a great day in town.

Shay said...

Irises are my favorite flower too!