Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday ...

Coc's mother passed away yesterday so the arrangements for both Coc and Mrs. Campbell have been finalized.  I can't imagine the grief of losing 2 family members in one week -- they are at peace, and that is the greatest gift.   I and the rest of this world were blessed to call them friends.

so, it's Monday and dang, it's been a wild one.  a "pull out your hair and scream in the parking lot" wild one.  Kevin and family all have the stomach flu -- so they aren't allowed near us.

started with the copier repair man.  hmm he knows I'm a pissed off woman.  However, I truly doubt he understood the depth of my anger.  When the damn thing craps out again ... there will be more words.

Saturday night -- a couple of favorites brought me a treat -- a 32" flat screen tv ... seriously, a freeking tv.  Kathy heard me chatting about my old office tv that I couldn't replace until it died ... and they brought me a tv -- as a gift.  only in my world.  the blessings abound.  need to pay some forward this week.  paying it forward should be fun!


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