Sunday, March 16, 2014

so peeps, I've been thinking

  and maybe thinking way to much. 

  After my mini vacation in July -- 2013 kind of stank.  Seriously, I was always running behind, always trying to hold life together ... there were days, when I'd be ...

--- in the patch before daylight
--- start the day at work
--- at a County meeting
--- off to market
--- back to work to finish out the day
--- pick for market
--- home to crash in bed

 And well, it didn't happen this way once or twice -- more like weeks, so I've decided to take some time off (retire) from the Patch.  My reign as the Wonder Woman clone has come to an end. 

   Normally, I try to order my seed by St Patty's Day and since Christmas I've been attempting to decide to garden or not garden.  So it is the commit or quit moment and quitting/retiring/taking a sabbatical seems to be the best (only) option.

  Thru the chaos of the late summer and early fall, the Patch was labor intensive and suffered the most from my lack of attention.  In 2013, I struggled with Mother Nature, my seeds didn't germinate well, the weeds were obnoxious, it quit raining, it got too hot and the fruit cooked on the vine.  Then the damn bugs moved in .... so ....

  The Patch will be much smaller in 2014 ... a couple hills of this and that ... enough for family and friends...I'm going to miss all of it -- as most of you know -- playing in the dirt is good for the mind and soul.

2009 - the year below the hill -- pumpkins galore!

yep, pumpkins galore

market babes -- we toughed it out thru heat, rain, cold and road construction!

2010 -- the deer year.  damn critters ..

but the melons were tasty.
my creative scarecrows from 2011

2012? .. more pumpkins and the move to the other farm

2013 foot prints in the sand ..


wowser -- I forgot how cool this load looked -- 2012 .. great year of melons.

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Shay said...

Seems like a sensible idea to me to take a sabbatical from major produce growing for a year . Im in awe of how hard you work . You deserve a rest!