Tuesday, March 11, 2014

water, water, water everywhere

   the steady dripping of raindrops this morning.  speeds up the melting (or as I now spell it -- melthing) .. I can see the piles shrinking -- well, I will when the darkness disappears. 

   lots of sirens this morning -- not sure if its police or ambulance but the steady wail ... not a good sound --

   made it to the pool last night -- a little sweating in the water.  'twas a good thing and then back to work for a few "tasks" .. the laughter of the pool is always good for the soul.

  happy melting.


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Jessica said...

There was an accident on 22. There was a Suburban facing south in a field on the east side of 22 and a Jeep with the front end smashed in on the opposite shoulder. There was a Nicollet County Sheriff's car, a St. Peter (I think) Police car on seen and then shortly after I drove by a big firetruck and 2 ambulances were on there way. Hopefully everyone was ok!