Tuesday, March 25, 2014

what a week (and it's only Tuesday)

   so, the dripping and sneezing ceased -- but the sore throat and cough has arrived.  and evidently something is wacky with my eye -- it swells by the end of the day ... really attractive -- doesn't hurt or itch -- so I'm doing the adult thing and ignoring it.

  3 wildly different clients all arrived at the same time yesterday morning for appointments ... bizarre,  the first one was 4 days early ... got 'em done, had Kevin prep the "on time" ones and well the 3rd ones had to drop and run .... all before 10:00am ...

  Cameron and Wesley came to visit and then it got busier than h.  Mrs. H and I like to spoil little boys!   Cameron is a rock star in his new john deere tee shirt and matching sun glasses!  Wesley thought the bag of gummy worms was fun to gnaw on ....


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