Wednesday, March 5, 2014


the morning view -- I was #1 down the road following elder #1 and his snow plow rig ... this crap is wearing on my nerves
Resolution #10 has officially been crossed off my list.
and oh .. this was 5:45 am.
piles everywhere ... desk, chairs, floor ... attempting to manage -- again losing this battle also.
the dead rose bushes from the front porch have found new life in the heated (attached to the house) porch ... #1 admitted this morning -- he's been feeding them miracle grow.  .... and yes, they've been blooming.  he felt the need to winter over $5 roses bushes. 

5 days until the daylight savings switch -- so I've been working my way into it otherwise ... it can get ugly ... yesterday I was at my desk and working by 5:30 ... today would have been 5:45 if I hadn't felt the need to shovel.

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Shay said...

I used to start work at 7 am , but 5.45 am is just plain crazy. I think winter has finally got to you!