Wednesday, April 30, 2014


  oh where oh where has my sun gone.  I need you bad, really bad, and really soon. 

  6 days without sun -- lots of puddles out there -- be careful, they might be deeper than you imagine.

  sun, oh sun ......


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

drip, drip, drip

  and PTL -- it is not dripping in my office basement.  not sure why -- the $12,500 roof might have something to do with the lack of basement moisture but I doubt it. 

  and back to my winter coat -- on April 29th, I'm wearing a down vest, warm velour pants, long sleeve shirt and a sweater.  April 29th --

  as Jannie said on facebook -- April showers bring May flowers, April showers bring May flowers ... keep up the chant ...

Happy Tuesday

Sunday, April 27, 2014


  nothing like thunder, lightening and a whole lot of rain on a Sunday morning. 

   I was a bad diva yesterday.  Came to work, attended a bridal shower -- came back to work -- went home for a nap and well -- after that not a whole lot of productivity. 

  Made it to Mankato for the Coldwater Creek returns ... they're in Chap 11 bankruptcy so I thought it wise to return before returns were not going to happen.  And I had to beg talk for a full refund.   A couple of stops (only 1.5 yards of fabric) ... bath and body has a nice sale -- it was a fairly large bag of stuff -- once a year and I'm set for the year ....   take out Chinese for supper and home to laundry.

  I did manage to purge the winter clothes and tub up those for storage .. I have too many clothes.  Just.too.many.  (and by some standards I really don't have a lot). 

  So it's a work day at the office -- can't be outside and the projects have piled up.  And yes, I turned on the furnace.  It's that bad.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, April 25, 2014

wacky wacky wacky


that's all folks

thankfully it's Friday ...


Thursday, April 24, 2014

decisions, decisions, decisions

warning -- picture heavy
2004 -- year two of this enterprise -- we had a tent and tables and the famous red/white truck ...
by year 4 we knew how to grow fabulous squash ...
year 6 -- the first solo adventure - new spot and almost weed free .. and I started blogging about it and all the other wackiness in my world.
2010 -- I'd mastered the watermelons .. and planted way to many varieties -- and moved up to a "green" truck -- that actually had a radio ...
2011 -- battled the damn deer .. the damn things ate everything and I mean everything.
2012 -- drought and heat ... but fabulous watermelons .. while they lasted

so, the big decision -- not to garden in 2014.  time for a break -- it's been 11 years of hard work, fun and good people.  but I'm a bit tired, cranky and over-scheduled.  I waffled for most of the fall and on NY Eve it was the silent resolution -- the seed catalogs came and I tossed most of them in the recycling (that was hard) ... and late this winter, I told Kevin to plant it all, I wouldn't be gardening.  He planted corn on Tuesday -- on all of it. 
There be a garden -- although not large -- some melons, some pumpkins and of course, the squash ... I may make it to market if I have an abundance of something -- but I doubt it ..
There will be more time to sew, to read and to travel ... and to do -- well nothing ... it's been so long I'm not sure how to do "nothing." ..

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

well, the best laid plans

  fall apart quickly.

  I still haven't made my list -- or knocked out any projects ... instead I had the spur of the instantaneous/spontaneous moment thing ...

  Mom called with the supper menu (it's good to have a Mom who cooks) ... and I suggested supper out with a bit of shopping.  So I took all the crap    stuff back to Kohls that I had ordered over the last 6 weeks that I

 (a) didn't like,
 (b) didn't fit or
 (c) was uglier than sin.

  Shopped a bit since I had "in store" credit ... new purse and 4 white tee's (at $8 each)  and then

  a bite to eat and a good glass of tea ... and on to the fabric store -- where I bought NO fabric --- just some pretty variegated yarn.  and then home to a bit of crochet and bed.

 tonight I will sew.  there's a secret project in the works with a fast approaching deadline.  and before I leave the office -- there will be a project / deadline list.



Tuesday, April 22, 2014

tired, cranky and don't really care

So, my out of order button is flashing red.  I seem to be floating in a sea of chaos and lately nothing is floating to the top of this heap of crap.
So to get myself back on track ... I'm going to do the following
1.  prioritize and organize my project piles.
2.  have a cup of coffee
3.  read the morning paper (and it's mid afternoon)
4.  breathe, just breathe
farm got worked up yesterday -- whole dang thing in one day -- in the old days (15 years ago) I'd spend 3 full days in the tractor and digger working ground ahead of the planter.  Farmer Kevin did the whole freeking thing in one morning.  55' at a time and "auto steer" in the tractor ....
today is planting and I'm sure they are done by now. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

organizing Diva

quit laughing I can hear you  ...

my post-April 15th goal is to be better organized.

spaces (home and office)

and the


so tonight -- I'm playing with scanning software on the home computer ... scanning in quilt patterns and pictures I've had for decades. 

this week is dedicated to organizing the sewing room

finishing the unfinished office projects (there are many) ...

I worked most of Saturday making a large dent in said projects -- and the plan was not to go into the office today ... but alas I checked my email and forgot to email a payroll off to a client ... so I went to work and emailed it off and retrieved the newspaper from the front porch.

many thanks to the easter bunny for the glorious weather.

Happy Easter

Friday, April 18, 2014

ah, sewing therapy

so all winter long I buy things -- this was my winter of fabric.
at one point there was a project in mind for each and every piece (truly).
except this box of random scraps -- it was an awesome purchase

Bessie, the Bernina -- back from the shop in March -- had to unpack 'er and set her up!
see picture below ... geeky numbers person that I am -- I used and excel spreadsheet to plot out this project ... and then I sewed ... amazing what 90 minutes of sewing does for the soul.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

and the day after the chaos ..

one would hope for calm ... I googled calm and got this image ...

and peace -- I thought this to be appropriate .. it might be a sign but I'm all about ignoring signs these days.
I'm at work on my OFFICIAL day off .. projects.  Mail.  Waiting on electronic acceptance .. which is really slow compared to other years ...
I made it to my meeting in New Ulm last night -- I had the wrong time, I was an hour early (quit snickering -- I can hear you) ... so thankfully I had the iPad and a new book to read.  signs.  again ...
Back to work.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

the end

the end.

it's over.

time to party.

or time to sleep in.

or time to clean the corners of my office
my mind.

thanks for reading my ranting and raving for the last 5 months ...


Sunday, April 13, 2014

mr postman delivers!

retail therapy is a good thing.  and really good with a coupon. 1/2 yard cuts of Amy Butler, 3 different moda scrap bags and my block of the month (of which I'm officially 10 months behind -- not sure why I signed up for that gig) .. I even had a Coldwater Creek moment yesterday -- gotta get it bought before they go out of business!!!! 
Happy Sunday y'all.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

72 hous 'til freedom rings

parking lot at a NASCAR event ... hummm...."anyone see a red Ford F150"...

overpass -- in New Mexico .. you won't find my red F150 on this one either.  gives me the willies just looking at it
again "borrowed" from facebook ... I hope peeps borrow my pics

Thursday, April 10, 2014


things float thru my newsfeed on facebook and every once in a while I actually read them ... this picture was in a post about "influential pictures" from 2013  ...


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

tired but weird

  I know I'm tired ... but the yoga woman on TV this morning is doing poses to assist with hemorrhoids ... seriously, I thought I heard wrong and she's said it multiple times.  It's the Hawaiian diva ... and it comes out "hem mer roids" ...

  Must be time to change the channel. 

  Counting down the hours and the returns.  5:05 start times for the last 3 morning.  I must be nuts.

  Retail therapy this morning ... fabric is good!

(large yawn)


Monday, April 7, 2014


the cake ....
and the watermelon cupcakes ...
yep, they tasted like watermelon
the rest of the goodies ..
note -- only one deviled egg left!!!!
I let Cousin Alix take pictures with my phone and this is what she takes?  
She's 4.
mom and dad and the backside of emmy and ryan
the birthday girl and the boys ...
the birthday girl and her siblings ... one of them is less excited than the other two ...

Friday, April 4, 2014

I'm ignoring the snow ... all 6" of the crap

desert at the WCW Banquet -- darn tasty.

 Sunday morning commute ... yes, picture taking while driving ... but I had the entire road to myself .... rare, really rare.
we were down to a small heap.
"difficult driving conditions" per the TV - I came in to the office at 5:30 ... followed the plow once I got to Old Minn Ave -- McDonalds was plowed....
it's ugly out there peeps -- stay safe.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

ahhhh hmmmmm

  somewhere in this disaster of an office I have a cord that should (a) charge my phone and (b) grant me the ability to download the pictures off of it.
  somewhere  ....

  somewhere I'll find my mind too.

  crazy reigns.  I was rolling for the office at 5:08 this morning.  it.was.dark.  dang dark.  did my grocery shopping at the gas station ...

  getting ready for the WINTER STORM WARNING.  wtf.  enough.  I've decided  -- if it's bad and I can't get home -- I just might have to work all night.  uninterrupted work time just might be a good thing.


grumpy nick -- today I know the feeling!