Sunday, April 27, 2014


  nothing like thunder, lightening and a whole lot of rain on a Sunday morning. 

   I was a bad diva yesterday.  Came to work, attended a bridal shower -- came back to work -- went home for a nap and well -- after that not a whole lot of productivity. 

  Made it to Mankato for the Coldwater Creek returns ... they're in Chap 11 bankruptcy so I thought it wise to return before returns were not going to happen.  And I had to beg talk for a full refund.   A couple of stops (only 1.5 yards of fabric) ... bath and body has a nice sale -- it was a fairly large bag of stuff -- once a year and I'm set for the year ....   take out Chinese for supper and home to laundry.

  I did manage to purge the winter clothes and tub up those for storage .. I have too many clothes.  Just.too.many.  (and by some standards I really don't have a lot). 

  So it's a work day at the office -- can't be outside and the projects have piled up.  And yes, I turned on the furnace.  It's that bad.

Happy Sunday!

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