Sunday, April 20, 2014

organizing Diva

quit laughing I can hear you  ...

my post-April 15th goal is to be better organized.

spaces (home and office)

and the


so tonight -- I'm playing with scanning software on the home computer ... scanning in quilt patterns and pictures I've had for decades. 

this week is dedicated to organizing the sewing room

finishing the unfinished office projects (there are many) ...

I worked most of Saturday making a large dent in said projects -- and the plan was not to go into the office today ... but alas I checked my email and forgot to email a payroll off to a client ... so I went to work and emailed it off and retrieved the newspaper from the front porch.

many thanks to the easter bunny for the glorious weather.

Happy Easter

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Shay said...

For me - organising things makes me feel I can conquer the world. And there are worse ways to spend an Easter weekend !