Tuesday, April 22, 2014

tired, cranky and don't really care

So, my out of order button is flashing red.  I seem to be floating in a sea of chaos and lately nothing is floating to the top of this heap of crap.
So to get myself back on track ... I'm going to do the following
1.  prioritize and organize my project piles.
2.  have a cup of coffee
3.  read the morning paper (and it's mid afternoon)
4.  breathe, just breathe
farm got worked up yesterday -- whole dang thing in one day -- in the old days (15 years ago) I'd spend 3 full days in the tractor and digger working ground ahead of the planter.  Farmer Kevin did the whole freeking thing in one morning.  55' at a time and "auto steer" in the tractor ....
today is planting and I'm sure they are done by now. 

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