Wednesday, April 23, 2014

well, the best laid plans

  fall apart quickly.

  I still haven't made my list -- or knocked out any projects ... instead I had the spur of the instantaneous/spontaneous moment thing ...

  Mom called with the supper menu (it's good to have a Mom who cooks) ... and I suggested supper out with a bit of shopping.  So I took all the crap    stuff back to Kohls that I had ordered over the last 6 weeks that I

 (a) didn't like,
 (b) didn't fit or
 (c) was uglier than sin.

  Shopped a bit since I had "in store" credit ... new purse and 4 white tee's (at $8 each)  and then

  a bite to eat and a good glass of tea ... and on to the fabric store -- where I bought NO fabric --- just some pretty variegated yarn.  and then home to a bit of crochet and bed.

 tonight I will sew.  there's a secret project in the works with a fast approaching deadline.  and before I leave the office -- there will be a project / deadline list.



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