Sunday, May 4, 2014

8 days of Wisdom

my buddy Baxter -- he lives upstairs and comes to visit once in a while.
#2 of 8 Days of Wisdom
Learn to drive manual/stick shift.
so yesterday
test drove one of these --- and fell in love -- so I think I'm purchasing one on Monday .... freeking awesome!
there was some waffling and I almost crossed to the dark side and purchased a GM product -- but for less money I'd keep my truck and drive this fabulously awesome car ... (summer car and winter truck).
Mine will be plain -- no convertible for me -- no snappy motor either (my heavy foot would get me in trouble) and I'm too old for stick shift! 

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Shay said...

Thats one fancy schmancy looking car. I wonder if they would ship me one to Australia? I can see myself in something black or cherry red!