Friday, May 16, 2014

friday travels and tribulations

not a plane, not a bird -- just a guy with a chain saw ...

ruby and I are getting along well ....
found the gas tank today ...
So from Dad's camera ... looking north on our road ... from the tractor .... looks like we live deep in the forest -- not on the edge of town

I've become a hoarder of nike sneakers.  my size and favorite model have been 1/2 price lately at shopko ... 3 identical pairs.
project of the week ... not really feeling the love -- it looked better in the dark sewing room I think I'm going to rip out the brown/pink slabs and replace with something -- or maybe move the 2 rows on the right to the left ... comments and opinions are most welcome. 
I thought the pink/brown/green had more green in it ... the dark green print actually has a black background and the brown/white dot really looks white. 

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