Tuesday, May 27, 2014

hello Tuesday

  I think coming back to work after the holiday weekend -- is probably a good thing.  Full speed on the go was exhausting ... I thought I was having a nap yesterday and someone woke me for a ride to town.....

  All in all - it was good.  Yesterday's adventures included yet another trek to Mankato.  Large pots from Menards.  SEED, yes, lots of SEEDS.  Lunch at the Olive Garden w/ leftovers for several days.  and of course, the GROCERY STORE!   I purchased some rose bushes for the giant pots ... interesting stuff in garden centers these days.  We also got the tomato's, peppers and eggplant transplants. 

  Tiller man needs to start tilling.

  Road construction begins today in my neighborhood.  Ruby will remain in the garage -- the morning commute is across the field and out the top.  Ruby does not go across the field (or up the back hill). 

Happy Tuesday


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Shay said...

If you're buying seeds it must be Spring! Im just about to plant my winter bulbs.