Sunday, May 25, 2014

holy holy ...

so, the productivity (my productivity) has been off the charts this weekend.  Thursday night I FINALLY got my music from the iPod (the really old iPOD) to my desktop and re-mixed my play lists ... next up is to sync to my phone!

Friday I quilted a crib quilt, had a quick road trip to Mankato -- abbreviated by too many morel mushrooms (read between the lines)  -- and finished my book!

Saturday, I got the bindings on the big quilt and the crib quilt, got backs done for 3 other crib quilts and got them QUILTED!!!

Today, we had a road trip. craftiness and shopping in one trip.  7 shirts, 1 vest, 1 maxi skirt and a pair of sandals.  I'll be a well dressed Diva .... and I will smell much better -- the Bath and Body Store at the Outlet Mall had CUCUMBER MELON body wash --

On the techy end of my world .. my phone now talks to my desktop and pictures are downloaded.

We went to Waseca -- lots of ideas peeps, lots of ideas! ~

painted screen and painted ironing board
giant metal pumpkin -- like 3' by 4.
painted window

painted tin wash tub -- ..

oh yea, hand made fudge -- pretty darn tasty ...
carmel - coffee .. mix ..
it's back to the sewing machine tonight --

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