Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ready for quilting action!

took me a while but I got the long arm set back up ... have some extra rails and cannot remember if I had extra rails or they're missing pieces ... old age
the filing cabinet was extra storage during tax season -- which I don't think ever got used but it's holding my leaders, thread, iron and whatever else I want stashed.  it's tucked under far enough to be out of the way ...
the ipad was listing to the right -- not the floors (well I hope not the floors)
rainbow in Mankato Saturday night -- yes, I was at Jo Ann fabrics ... someone needs to keep the local economy rolling.  I only bought 8 yards of dots at $3 a yard ....
on of the crafting diva's made this card at the all day crop ... I'm thinking I need to fuse fabric straps to card stock!
Happy Tuesday!

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Shay said...

The card is absolutely gorgeous!

Happy quilting Diva.