Monday, May 19, 2014

Road Trip!

   no, Ruby stayed in the garage. 

   The scraping Diva's and I took a trip to St. Paul (well, Falcon Heights to be precise).  To the Rubber Stamp and Scrap Expo -- to visit .... (insert drum roll) .... all 5, yes 5 vendors.  It was a dud.  The last time we went 3 years ago there were 24/25 vendors ---

   Instead of buying paper and gizmo's we didn't need -- we bought salsa mix, origami owl charms and made tacky necklaces for $3 .... then we ate lunch.  And well --  lunch was awesome.  Chili's ... pretty dang tasty.  There are pictures floating around somewhere ....

  'Twas the weekend of good food.  El Agave on Friday for lunch ... Mark and Sara's wedding Saturday night and Chili's yesterday -- I need to not eat all week .....

Happy Monday!

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