Sunday, May 11, 2014

so, day two, new wheels

   Ruby and I have went to work and went to Mankato for a spot of shopping.  Finally got to Hobby Lobby for some cheep yarn and cards/envelopes. 

   Hobby Lobby the only store in the world that never puts away the Christmas goods -- dang -- Christmas stuff crap is ugly next to patriotic 4th of July stuff .... but they carry a brand of blank cards/matching envelopes that I like for cards and I always find $2 yarn for my scarf projects .... last night the had Kona's for $5.50 a yard .. pretty picked over and I'm not allowed to purchase any fabric. 

   Dashed down the hill to meet the elders for supper -- back up the hill for Joanne's and groceries.  I was the ONLY customer in Joanne Fabric's ... 1/2 price pillow forms!  Fresh raspberries at HyVee ... pretty darn tasty too.

   Then the always exciting grocery store.  Ruby really doesn't have a lot of room for groceries but I made it fit!  Got to love a trunk -- the back seat really isn't a back seat unless you are a little person -- a very little person -- I think they fold down somehow -- will investigate and get that done this week --- next up is some chrome & trim ... the rocker panels won't survive my gravel road for very long. 

  Happy Mothers Day !  
     (flowers and licorice for my mom today!)


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