Thursday, May 1, 2014


so peeps, it's kind of a big day in my world.  Today marks the 20 year anniversary of purchasing the practice -- 20 awesome years!

this isn't the best picture of the beginning -- didn't have cell phones and digital camera's back then ... and the Wendroth Building shook a bit with the '98 tornado ... and most of the rest of the block got demolished ...
and the current place, well, it's pretty damn cool. 
I'm am blessed. 
I didn't do it alone -- great helpers, great customers and family and friends that picked up the pieces and propped me up when needed.
many, many thanks to all
lots of good helpers!
gigi laura
cathy, jean
nancy, jenny
joy, kathy
nancy, sandi, Jackie, becky
Katie, tressa, will
Jacob, emily
Tessa, skylar, molly
robyn, kevin, meredith
cindy, abby
lori, mitzi, kevin
and I probably forgot someone ...


Shay said...

Happy Anniversary Marie. 20 years is something to celebrate.

Barb H said...

Well done, Marie. Twenty years is a good thing not only for you but for the community as well. Enjoy the celebration!