Wednesday, December 31, 2014

this is how we roll on Daisy Lane ...

   So it should be the most exciting party night of the year .... well, maybe.  The last full day of the calendar year is always a bit odd in my world. 

   I walked to the post office (yes, walked in the -15' windchill) and it had closed at 2:00 ... I was a bit peeved.

   I finally connected with Ms. Cindy -- who had Becky's quilt top -- which needed to be quilted ... silly girl used RAYON in the borders ... good thing I already have gray hair.  Got it done and it's pretty cool ... rayon and all.  I used a variegated thread == blended well.  I decided Becky needed more fabric so I made up a "care package" ... she'll be busy for eons.

   Now it's off to packing for girls weekend and more freeking laundry.  Tomorrow is my last official shopping day of the year ... or 5 months anyway.

   Tomorrow is the day for new traditions -- yep, the resolutions will get posted.  They will be almost as dramatic as last years -- no, one car was enough, there won't be another new car.  Kind of missing Ruby, might need to check on her tomorrow.

  and I can hear my library book ---  where are you ... read me ......

  yep, this is how we roll ......


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

the end is approaching

   yep, controlled chaos 2014 has a mere 28 hours to go .... thankfully.

 I attempted to locate an appropriate "frazzled diva" image and well, most of them are not appropriate for this Diva ... not sure who this dude is but I can relate to his panic.    

 Bring on 2015 we are ready -- Mrs. H did a fine job of getting out our year end packages .... lots and lots of expensive stamps when on them.  And Wade, our office mailman, was a wonderful guy -- he took all but one of the filled boxes ... I will have treats for him ....

 I have a long list for the next ten days and then the real chaos will begin.   Bring it on -- we are ready !!!!


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Goals for the week ...

Babbling about organization is easy .....

I'm all about lists lately, so here goes ....

1.  Mail out year end packets
       (Mrs. H, I've been sealing them for you as I walk past them)
2.  Finish up the last minute tax planning -- only 2 and mine.
3.  Finish up WBG, DSS, TSGC, NP ... it's cryptic for a reason.
4.  Fill the garbage bins
5.  Move Mrs. H's desk --
6.  If I'm going to make a 2014 calendar I should get going on it.
7.  Finish quilt 1 and 2 -- select one for a wedding gift
8.  Project planning for girls weekend in 6 DAYS....


Thursday, December 25, 2014

yep, twice in one holiday ... warning picture heavy.

Mid-afternoon -- instead of another cookie, I grabbed my camera and took a walk.  Just to get some air and see what's happened in the last month and a half ... truly, I've been stuck in the office or stuck indoors with bad weather since before Thanksgiving.    
Anyhow --  sunflowers above have aged/weathered nicely -- they must have been tasty every last seed/nut has been ate.
 Grandpa's old digger covered with moss and rust ... and the missing red cylinder / thingy that lifts the equipment up and down ... CRS is an issue today.

Looking down the rows of the windbreak between the white pines and the maples.

Someone/Something ate my brussel sprouts before we got them ...

An out of focus pansy ... that thing will bloom if our warm weather continues....alas below zip is in the immediate forecast.

and a better picture of the Christmas Eve binding project -- finished up another one today ....

Ho Ho Ho

   and only a mouse Diva was stirring

   bird is in the oven .... ham is ready for the crockpot ..... winging it on the side dishes -- it's an unplanned Christmas meal on Daisy Lane -- I refuse to stress out over the freeking food. 

   I did spend a couple of hours at the Bernina last night -- why, oh why does that sewing room turn into a disaster when not in use ... dang -- an hour of tidying and an hour of sewing  ....

and behold -- this received it's binding (and it got washed and dried) ... it's parts of 2 charm packs (why did I ever get sucked into buying those) .. and some hunks of aqua solid -- crib sized .. it will hang in my office window by Friday .... a one point I was stashing "bliss" and this is "bliss" .....
more sewing after the company leaves!
Merry Merry!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Merry y'all ....
the tree is up (with lights), the presents are wrapped (truly), the menu is planned, the washing machine is humming along and I
I am headed to the sewing machine -- some quality sewing time is in my future.
2 or 3 projects to finish ....
I have homework too
depending upon the payroll geeks - there might be a roadtrip in my future
(weather permitting)
Ho Ho Ho
UPDATE:  check out the crafty W-I-P link above -- I got something done!

Monday, December 22, 2014

9 days and counting

  yep, 9 days and counting.  year end.  the holy grail of holidays in my world.

  girls weekend is the 2nd, 3rd and 4th ... thinking about my projects already ... it comes quick -- I have a quilt project planned and a scrapbooking project.

I managed to work most of the weekend.
Late exit on Friday ...
Saturday was appointments and projects ... home for supper and a long nap
Sunday was Shopko shopping -- work, haircut, home and homework ...

I had the Shopko urge on the way past -- unfortunately I was not looking my best -- after all the haircut was next on the agenda ... and the flour/powdered sugar dusting on my sweatpants just added to the panache of the wardrobe.  Fortunately, they had just opened -- it was me and 3 clerks -- and the emergency of the stop --- tissue paper, clothes hangers and a clock radio. 

the tree is up and it has lights on it --- I really didn't like the rope led lights so I took them off and put the old ones back on.  The Christmas cards are signed, addressed, stamped and awaiting Wade the mailman.  Cookies are baked (mom) and granola (me) are done. 

So it rolls .. and 9 days 'til year end......


Friday, December 19, 2014

10 things

to know about income tax planning.

10.  I think the president signed the tax extender bill -- think?
 9.  Yes, I need to know about all of your income.  ALL
 8.  You bought what
 7.  How much did you pay for #8  ... really
 6.  I don't care what the MN Dot woman said it is taxable.
 5.  No, your dog, cat, bird is not a dependent
 4.  No, land is not a depreciable item.  No No No
 3.  You got married, divorced or widowed ... I need to know
 2.   Yes, the cat is dead -- 18 months ago.  really -- there is less hair here.
 1.  Just how much do you want to pay ?

twice this week someone asked about Nick ... truly he has been gone 18 18 months all of the cat hair has been sucked up and gone.  really .......

for all the goofy people -- the good ones are truly fun -- Joan thought I needed chocolate and she was correct!  Someone brought me a pie today .... yep a frozen pie from the new Pie Mongers ....

and I received an unexpected thank you note ... makes me smile.




Thursday, December 18, 2014

holy cats

   so holding down the office by myself today ... that entails answering the phone, doing the pre-tax planning for the farm clients (President Obama -- please sign the tax extender bill), answering the phone, dealing with the walk-in clients that have "just a simple question" ...

  which wasn't so simple .... "I have $85,000 of additional income -- how much will I need to pay" ... well -- lots.  argh....

  much needed pool time tonight.  much needed.

  the Christmas shopping is official done -- the last of the gift cards/certificates arrived today ... time to wrap, wrap, wrap.

  no wonder I'm tired.



Monday, December 15, 2014

well, it's Monday (again)

   so I arrived here on 3rd street extra early this morning -- had a "tele-conference" for 3 1/2 hours  ... the phone, the computer and a note pad ... went okay .... once I realized it started at 7:30am not 6:30am ... extra time is good.

 then ....

   it was time for lunch -- so into the microwave goes my frozen left over pizza .... and ....

   shazammm --- during the spinning wonder of being zapped -- it slid off the paper plate and created quite the disaster  ---  moral of the story -- use a large paper plate and cleaning the microwave isn't all bad.

   every client has been early today -- the first one was 3 hours early, the second one was an hour early .. the third one had no appointment .....

   meeting tonight and water aerobics -- I think the water aerobics has better benefits .... just articulating my thoughts via the internet. 

   back to work ... since I was napping, resting, reading diva over the weekend.

happy Monday!


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Blog Post # 2,000

  Since this is blog post #2,000 .. it should have a bit of ????? words aren't flowing well this morning.  Lately I can't seem to spell either ... so here are some random shots from my phone -- random is the key phrase peeps. 

do you see what I see --  yep antlers.
love it when the plumber says -- "send me a picture via a text message"
a new water heater arrived the next day
I purchased this watercolor in a really nice oak frame at a garage sale 15 years ago ... finally took it apart to find the artist and well, no one seems to know the artist
the everyday chaos of my desk ... it never seems to be empty
the last pumpkin of the year ... the desk is a little emptier
yep, 53' yesterday == it was heaven .. and the sun arrived for a couple of hours ... and that brought out the crazies ... the snow melted ..
crazies .. need I say more --- Ruby will never be dressed in this attire.
my newly painted office hallway ... next up is pictures/artwork... the sconces and we're done ... it's light and bright .. especially with the porch removed.
Notice -- shades of Nick, the wonder cat, are still present -- a panel is missing from the basement door for easy access to the "facilities" ... saw a mouse last week, miss that dang cat. 
Since this is post #2,000 it's time for some change -- been musing the state of Marie lately - probably good / not good.  Time for some change.  There will be less of the Watermelon Diva in the future.  2015 is the year of change .. in multiple facets. 
A part of getting healthier is less stress and less stress is less commitments -- (babbles, the idiot who has 1.75 full time jobs) ... and although blogging isn't a stressful commitment -- it's one more not so necessary thing to do.   My New Year's resolutions are all about giving up things --
So there will be less of this -- moving forward ....


Friday, December 12, 2014

Warning -- potential illegal use of

government property -- using my government issued laptop at home tonight ... I actually used it for the government issued work first.

Found this picture stored on it ... it's in my yard ... turkeys ....

So it rolls ... no sun today, again, life without sun is making everyone very very cranky.  hopefully tomorrow ... and then again maybe not.

sorry i'm tired and the thoughts aren't rolling from the brain to the fingertips very well.
shit happens.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

it has begun


   P U R G E

      it will be a lean, mean, tidy office when I'm done.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

odd Tuesday

   after several hours of terror and panic yesterday -- change is in the air.

   "less is more"  is my Gregorian chant -- I just keep chanting less is more, less is more .... and to start this new leaf ... less shit sitting around. 

    the painting gig is fabulous and the room/hallway will be super fab with less shit hanging on the walls and sitting around.  the panic attack added much fuel to this new mantra.

    I finally made it home at 7:00 ish and spent 1.5 hours in the sewing room .... I chopped and sewed strip sets for a baseball themed quilt on Sunday and last night I spent 1.5 pressing said strip sets .... and fusing "treasures" to backing for blocks -- tonight I'm going to try photo transferring for the first time (????)

  keep up the chant -- less is more, less is more, less is more.

Happy Hump Day.


Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday's on Third Street

   are always weird.

   enough said.

   the painting went well -- "gray goose" ... light taupe
   the doctor appointment went well -- I'm alive

   got to visit with Kevin

   breathe, just breathe.


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Saturday and Sunday stitching

so, it was a kit in my wip piles ... from Gruebers a long time ago ... 32 fat 8ths of color ....
this was a Christmas gift to myself --- $25 of thread ....

diamonds are a girls best fried -- especially starched and pressed.

and 32 diamonds make a star ... it took longer to cut the goofy things out than it did sewing them together ... the pressing/starching kept the bias edges from stretch ..
and the rest of it -- kona black (came with the kit) ... anywho.... I'm ripping out 3 of the corners and cutting them larger -- I had the "should I cut them larger" moment .... and didn't listen to my inner self ...  in the end it should be 45 x 45 ... and will look fabulous on my office wall....
I started chopping up the baseball prints and strip stitching lots of strip stitching ....
stay tuned!

Friday, December 5, 2014


   hmmmmm, sorry my new favorite word ..... as in hmmmmm you want to what, as in hmmmmmmm what happened as in hmmmmmm what to do next.

   this week in this Diva's sewing world .... finished piecing the "bliss" crib quilt and just finished quilting it on the long-arm, binding in the morning.  once finished it will hang in one of my (as in my) office windows.  the test block (s) of batiks have been pieced and quilted and are awaiting binding -- I wanted to demo a block set before I cut into the expensive kaffee's.

   tonight I started cutting 32 45' diamonds -- a kit I found in my stash -- the best part of the kit -- 32 fat 8ths of some really wild fabric.  time will tell.

   hmmmmm I did actually get something sewed this week ... it really didn't feel like it.  office tomorrow for a spell and Ginny's funeral.  Sunday should be the fun day. 

   pictures on the 5:00 news.....
   signing off for now


   yes, I'm tired and wacked.


Thursday, December 4, 2014

TBT - ....

  and no old pictures to share.  Been a weird week here on  3rd street -- next week promises to be equally entertaining.  Hoping for a warm up .... and melting ...

  nothing more exciting than work and melting.

  ho ho ho the xmas shopping is beginning to arrive -- I dread the thought of the plastic bill ... I really didn't keep track ... me bad.  life happens.


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

the 2nd of December

   so tell me peeps, where in the hell did the previous 11 months go .... dang ---- it hit me this morning - a whole flipping year just sped past at the speed of sound.

   that being said (typed) ...
       Fact #1:  In 19 days, yes 19 days the days start getting longer (praise the Lord) .. less darkness
       Fact #2:  In 23 days is Christmas -- I'm ready, no sweat
       Fact #3:  April 15 is a mere 134 days away -- freedom rings !!!
         (me bad, I'm counting down already) ...

So, I'm off to have a fabulous December 2nd!  It's supposed to be warmer (?) ... it's all relative isn't it -- 20' is warmer than the current 10' and yesterday's 0'
So think Spring!!!!