Friday, December 19, 2014

10 things

to know about income tax planning.

10.  I think the president signed the tax extender bill -- think?
 9.  Yes, I need to know about all of your income.  ALL
 8.  You bought what
 7.  How much did you pay for #8  ... really
 6.  I don't care what the MN Dot woman said it is taxable.
 5.  No, your dog, cat, bird is not a dependent
 4.  No, land is not a depreciable item.  No No No
 3.  You got married, divorced or widowed ... I need to know
 2.   Yes, the cat is dead -- 18 months ago.  really -- there is less hair here.
 1.  Just how much do you want to pay ?

twice this week someone asked about Nick ... truly he has been gone 18 18 months all of the cat hair has been sucked up and gone.  really .......

for all the goofy people -- the good ones are truly fun -- Joan thought I needed chocolate and she was correct!  Someone brought me a pie today .... yep a frozen pie from the new Pie Mongers ....

and I received an unexpected thank you note ... makes me smile.




1 comment:

Barb H said...

So funny! Yes, we really do need to pay!