Monday, December 22, 2014

9 days and counting

  yep, 9 days and counting.  year end.  the holy grail of holidays in my world.

  girls weekend is the 2nd, 3rd and 4th ... thinking about my projects already ... it comes quick -- I have a quilt project planned and a scrapbooking project.

I managed to work most of the weekend.
Late exit on Friday ...
Saturday was appointments and projects ... home for supper and a long nap
Sunday was Shopko shopping -- work, haircut, home and homework ...

I had the Shopko urge on the way past -- unfortunately I was not looking my best -- after all the haircut was next on the agenda ... and the flour/powdered sugar dusting on my sweatpants just added to the panache of the wardrobe.  Fortunately, they had just opened -- it was me and 3 clerks -- and the emergency of the stop --- tissue paper, clothes hangers and a clock radio. 

the tree is up and it has lights on it --- I really didn't like the rope led lights so I took them off and put the old ones back on.  The Christmas cards are signed, addressed, stamped and awaiting Wade the mailman.  Cookies are baked (mom) and granola (me) are done. 

So it rolls .. and 9 days 'til year end......


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