Sunday, December 14, 2014

Blog Post # 2,000

  Since this is blog post #2,000 .. it should have a bit of ????? words aren't flowing well this morning.  Lately I can't seem to spell either ... so here are some random shots from my phone -- random is the key phrase peeps. 

do you see what I see --  yep antlers.
love it when the plumber says -- "send me a picture via a text message"
a new water heater arrived the next day
I purchased this watercolor in a really nice oak frame at a garage sale 15 years ago ... finally took it apart to find the artist and well, no one seems to know the artist
the everyday chaos of my desk ... it never seems to be empty
the last pumpkin of the year ... the desk is a little emptier
yep, 53' yesterday == it was heaven .. and the sun arrived for a couple of hours ... and that brought out the crazies ... the snow melted ..
crazies .. need I say more --- Ruby will never be dressed in this attire.
my newly painted office hallway ... next up is pictures/artwork... the sconces and we're done ... it's light and bright .. especially with the porch removed.
Notice -- shades of Nick, the wonder cat, are still present -- a panel is missing from the basement door for easy access to the "facilities" ... saw a mouse last week, miss that dang cat. 
Since this is post #2,000 it's time for some change -- been musing the state of Marie lately - probably good / not good.  Time for some change.  There will be less of the Watermelon Diva in the future.  2015 is the year of change .. in multiple facets. 
A part of getting healthier is less stress and less stress is less commitments -- (babbles, the idiot who has 1.75 full time jobs) ... and although blogging isn't a stressful commitment -- it's one more not so necessary thing to do.   My New Year's resolutions are all about giving up things --
So there will be less of this -- moving forward ....


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