Sunday, December 28, 2014

Goals for the week ...

Babbling about organization is easy .....

I'm all about lists lately, so here goes ....

1.  Mail out year end packets
       (Mrs. H, I've been sealing them for you as I walk past them)
2.  Finish up the last minute tax planning -- only 2 and mine.
3.  Finish up WBG, DSS, TSGC, NP ... it's cryptic for a reason.
4.  Fill the garbage bins
5.  Move Mrs. H's desk --
6.  If I'm going to make a 2014 calendar I should get going on it.
7.  Finish quilt 1 and 2 -- select one for a wedding gift
8.  Project planning for girls weekend in 6 DAYS....


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