Friday, December 5, 2014


   hmmmmm, sorry my new favorite word ..... as in hmmmmm you want to what, as in hmmmmmmm what happened as in hmmmmmm what to do next.

   this week in this Diva's sewing world .... finished piecing the "bliss" crib quilt and just finished quilting it on the long-arm, binding in the morning.  once finished it will hang in one of my (as in my) office windows.  the test block (s) of batiks have been pieced and quilted and are awaiting binding -- I wanted to demo a block set before I cut into the expensive kaffee's.

   tonight I started cutting 32 45' diamonds -- a kit I found in my stash -- the best part of the kit -- 32 fat 8ths of some really wild fabric.  time will tell.

   hmmmmm I did actually get something sewed this week ... it really didn't feel like it.  office tomorrow for a spell and Ginny's funeral.  Sunday should be the fun day. 

   pictures on the 5:00 news.....
   signing off for now


   yes, I'm tired and wacked.


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