Thursday, December 25, 2014

Ho Ho Ho

   and only a mouse Diva was stirring

   bird is in the oven .... ham is ready for the crockpot ..... winging it on the side dishes -- it's an unplanned Christmas meal on Daisy Lane -- I refuse to stress out over the freeking food. 

   I did spend a couple of hours at the Bernina last night -- why, oh why does that sewing room turn into a disaster when not in use ... dang -- an hour of tidying and an hour of sewing  ....

and behold -- this received it's binding (and it got washed and dried) ... it's parts of 2 charm packs (why did I ever get sucked into buying those) .. and some hunks of aqua solid -- crib sized .. it will hang in my office window by Friday .... a one point I was stashing "bliss" and this is "bliss" .....
more sewing after the company leaves!
Merry Merry!!!

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Shay said...

Merry Christmas Diva. Hope your bird was moist and your ham delicious!