Wednesday, December 31, 2014

this is how we roll on Daisy Lane ...

   So it should be the most exciting party night of the year .... well, maybe.  The last full day of the calendar year is always a bit odd in my world. 

   I walked to the post office (yes, walked in the -15' windchill) and it had closed at 2:00 ... I was a bit peeved.

   I finally connected with Ms. Cindy -- who had Becky's quilt top -- which needed to be quilted ... silly girl used RAYON in the borders ... good thing I already have gray hair.  Got it done and it's pretty cool ... rayon and all.  I used a variegated thread == blended well.  I decided Becky needed more fabric so I made up a "care package" ... she'll be busy for eons.

   Now it's off to packing for girls weekend and more freeking laundry.  Tomorrow is my last official shopping day of the year ... or 5 months anyway.

   Tomorrow is the day for new traditions -- yep, the resolutions will get posted.  They will be almost as dramatic as last years -- no, one car was enough, there won't be another new car.  Kind of missing Ruby, might need to check on her tomorrow.

  and I can hear my library book ---  where are you ... read me ......

  yep, this is how we roll ......


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