Monday, December 15, 2014

well, it's Monday (again)

   so I arrived here on 3rd street extra early this morning -- had a "tele-conference" for 3 1/2 hours  ... the phone, the computer and a note pad ... went okay .... once I realized it started at 7:30am not 6:30am ... extra time is good.

 then ....

   it was time for lunch -- so into the microwave goes my frozen left over pizza .... and ....

   shazammm --- during the spinning wonder of being zapped -- it slid off the paper plate and created quite the disaster  ---  moral of the story -- use a large paper plate and cleaning the microwave isn't all bad.

   every client has been early today -- the first one was 3 hours early, the second one was an hour early .. the third one had no appointment .....

   meeting tonight and water aerobics -- I think the water aerobics has better benefits .... just articulating my thoughts via the internet. 

   back to work ... since I was napping, resting, reading diva over the weekend.

happy Monday!


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