Thursday, December 25, 2014

yep, twice in one holiday ... warning picture heavy.

Mid-afternoon -- instead of another cookie, I grabbed my camera and took a walk.  Just to get some air and see what's happened in the last month and a half ... truly, I've been stuck in the office or stuck indoors with bad weather since before Thanksgiving.    
Anyhow --  sunflowers above have aged/weathered nicely -- they must have been tasty every last seed/nut has been ate.
 Grandpa's old digger covered with moss and rust ... and the missing red cylinder / thingy that lifts the equipment up and down ... CRS is an issue today.

Looking down the rows of the windbreak between the white pines and the maples.

Someone/Something ate my brussel sprouts before we got them ...

An out of focus pansy ... that thing will bloom if our warm weather continues....alas below zip is in the immediate forecast.

and a better picture of the Christmas Eve binding project -- finished up another one today ....

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