Friday, January 30, 2015

Tourist Attraction!

Well, the BIG SHOW has arrived life in Hooterville may never be the same.  More of it tonight ... Live at 5, 6 & 10 from the Community Center ..

Thursday, January 29, 2015

feeling the need for some Spring ...

  I cannot complain -- January has been pretty darn good.  But I really have a bad case of Spring fever today ...

  Mrs. H and I started to compare notes ... most if not all of our W2's and 1099's are done -- signed, sealed and delivered.  No wonder we are tired ... there was a lot of them.  More than I expected and well, it went pretty fast. 
  Tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday are work days - I expect to get a lot of things finished up.  That is the plan -- it's the last weekend of working alone ... Cindy comes in February .. as does Kevin and Megan.  I had hoped to have Megan more -- but alas her other job is going well (which is good). 

  WCCO is in town and filming just about everywhere .... good grief we certainly get excited over a news crew and a bunch of camera people.  Alas ... it is never dull.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday's at the office

   are generally pretty entertaining.

   So far today -- I've managed to complete a couple of projects.   Sunday is the day of trash, cleaning, sorting, staging and planning. 

   I must be the only person to break the toilet seat while swabbing the toilet.  WTH ... the dang seat cracked -- and no I wasn't perched on it nor did I slam it down -- snap and a crack appeared ... to be fair ... I think it is 13 years old ..... so lets hope the hardware store has one ... otherwise the bright orange duct tape will have to work ... might get sticky ...

  The trash is piled up at the back door ... and I'm working up the energy to wash out the fridge.  Not sure when the last time that actually occurred. 

  Next up is the ill fitting bra ... I know TMI -- all I can say -- after my walk -- it's got to go (and go out with the trash) ...


Saturday, January 24, 2015

ahhhhh cough syrup

  Thanks for the well wishes ....

  Two nights of codeine cough syrup before bed has been wonderful.   Normally I can sleep thru anything (including nasty weather) ... but that coughing ...

  About 10 years ago I slept thru 75mph straight line winds.  It was mid July -- I had a cold so I took 2 cold tablets and 2 Advil and went to bed -- it was hot and sticky and the a/c was on --  about 11:30 my cell phone is ringing --- Lee --- "are you okay" .. hmmmm yes, snort, cough, hack "why" ....

  They had a tree down on/near their house ... I looked out the window and the laundry was still on the line so didn't think too much of it ... until morning .... when I realized most of the laundry was GONE -- the deck furniture was gone and I too had trees down.  The corn field behind the house was flat .... the patch was a mess --  moral of the story --- one cold tablet at a time ...

  Took a little walk late last Sunday ...

the boys are driving across the field yet ... they are avoiding the "drift" zone and driving in the field ...we picked up another inch on Thursday ... but it has melted.

poor Ruby ... she misses me -- the original plan was to drive her to New Ulm yesterday and then that nasty snow arrived ... even our driveway was brown and dry ... Dad started her up and let her idle in neutral for a spell ...
Old habits are hard to change -- it is 5:52 am and I'm about to switch in the third load of laundry ... I was up early (went down early) ... and stuff is piling up. 
Have a great weekend all -- I'll be hanging out on 3rd Street!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

and the crud

   has become bronchitis  (hopefully spelled somewhat correctly) ... after another night of hacking and not sleeping -- I went to the doctor .... I tend to avoid doctors.

   when the doctor listens to your breathing for multiple moments and then says ... "I think we need a chest x-ray .... "   so off to the x-ray lab I went .... and well, it wasn't the other nasty possibility ... I haven't had an x-ray (other than the dentist) for 45 years! 

   so -- I have expensive cough syrup ... with nasty warnings ... shouldn't slurp it and (a) operate heavy equipment or (b) make important decisions ... wth ... I'd better sleep well after taking it ....

  so .... we'll see how it rolls.

stay healthy peeps .. it's nasty stuff.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

and so it goes

  drip, sneeze, blow the nose, cracking in the ears, coughing, hacking up the lung ...

  weird stuff ... exhausted -- literally, exhausted ... I should run (well, walk) around the block for some fresh air -- although in the "rain" (mist) I'd get wet -- and melt.  not pretty.


Saturday, January 17, 2015

and now ....

  I have caught the crud.  I'm hoping it's just the "you're over-tired, run-down and have the sniffles" event -- and not the cruddyness circulating my world. 

  Since I'm ill I can make up words.  Cruddyness -- adjective -- apt description for a lot of stuff.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

flu ...

  .... and yet another one goes down ....

  . . . . must be this haunted office.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

my fence

my front fence at the office is full of character -- lots of character
teeming with details

and pointed sharp arrows on the top tips

it has a gate with a lovely handle ... a functioning gate ...

yet this morning .... I watched the newspaper delivery dude -- climb over the top of it (at the gate), get hung up and fall --- I'm not sure which would hurt more --- the sudden stop on the cold concrete or getting punctured by the lovey sharp points in a sensitive body part ....
I did ask if he was okay, and then suggested he use the gate -- he didn't utter a word ... I could sense pain in the "agony of defeat."
It's my crazy life peeps ---

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday's Word of the Week

Drama-free, drama-less, no-drama

infer what you may -- it is going to be a drama free tax season.  That includes self created drama. 

ohhhhmmmmmm  ohhhhhhhmmmmm ohhhhhhmmmmm


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Finish #1

I took this pile of goodness to girls weekend.  And took along one of my favorite summer bags ... a denim one with wimpy handles -- but I like the size of the bag ...

and finally during Sunday night laundry -- got the lining done and the handles attached.  I'm not liking the stitching on the handles -- the leather is pretty tough to needle thru will probably find a better method to attach them.

nothing fancy on the interior -- but it's large enough for my ipad, phone, notebook, drugs, etc ...
The print is decorator weight drapery (sp?) fabric and the black is a wide wale corduroy .. I quilted the exterior with a craft weight batting and the lining is a cotton print that I interfaced ... it's pretty stiff.
I like it!


Friday, January 9, 2015

blizzard ....

in the Free Press this morning -- it's always good to have the beer deliveries during a blizzard ... wth
again, from the Free Press, driving was ugly.
I went home (with lots of homework) at 5:00pm -- did a stop for milk .... always important.  my trek is relatively protected so the blowing and drifting wasn't that bad -- but the wind howled all night long. 
inbound was pretty uneventful.
heat wave needed soon.

Monday, January 5, 2015


  yeppers, the missing credit card has been found ... in a bag of Menards stuff I had stored in the truck ...

  and yeppers, I had called and cancelled it and requested new info -- at least I know someone was not having fun with it ...

Girls Weekend Wrap Up:

1.   Tornado Photo Scrapbook -- done!
2.   Amy Butler jelly roll pieced together.
3.   Amy Butler yardage cut and pieced
4.   Wedding gift quilt quilted.
5.   Tote bag pieced -- need to find longer leather handles
6.   All my shit stuff is unpacked and put away.

  the brutal cold has arrived -- zero and falling for days .. and a clipper zipping thru this evening.  

  stay warm peeps!


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Blizzard Warning/Girls Weekend @ the Scrap Sack

pre-craftiness strategy meeting -- also know as supper

my first project of the weekend was putting all my tornado pictures/junk into a scrapbook --- above and below are my favorite pictures of that awful summer --- Nick, holding his dozer and freddy the stuffed cow ... giggling with Cathy in the makeshift office (which was the screen porch at the farm)

Jean was running back and forth to the Federal Reserve Bank in Minneapolis with bank transactions and Nick's daycare had been wiped out --- Mom was in Montana and well, Nick was my shadow for a couple of days ... it was so chaotic in the beginning -- he was one tired little boy by the end of the day ... naptimes were non existent -- we were always on the move.

my 2nd project was to turn this pile of goodness into a tote bag -- mission accomplished ... kind of used the denim one as a pattern ... need to find suitable lining and it will be done!

Jean putting together some stars .....

the commute home last night -- blizzard warning --- I was dumb.  It didn't look to bad so I took the field road -- it wasn't too bad on the top but when I got below the hill it got a tad bit messy.  4WD was handy (and needed) some pretty hefty drifts behind our house -- and one I got home the wind roared all night long -- it's  -15 (yes, 15 below 0) now.
I took the field road home Friday night too -- lots of critters roaming the prairie at 10:00 pm

Nick came over and took the group shot -- this was after an attack of the giggles -- not sure why we didn't move the (1) chair and (2) the trash can and well, love the crooked wreath on the wall ...
I also finished piecing 2 strip quilts (what else) ... and started on a scarf .... back today for brunch and some more play time.


Friday, January 2, 2015

Day 2

  Well the first day was a bit anti-climatic.

   Fabric was purchased, scrapbooking stuff, office supplies, returned some ugly shoes I had ordered online, exchanged some too large shirts -- and had tasty Chinese for lunch.

   After lunch I managed to knock over my portable glass of tea into the passenger seat of Mom's wheels -- the lid popped off and soaked the seat -- mind you, this was after Kohls, the mall, HyVee and Office Max, it was an already kind of full vehicle.  So Mom rode in the backseat the rest of the journey.  I have now experienced the life of a cab driver. 

  Then we went to Menards -- the mecca of all important stuff.  Light bulbs, batteries, flashlights, food, rugs --- all at 15% off ..... and drum roll ..... between Menards and home, I lost my credit card.  ((insert grin))

  While searching home for said credit card -- the vehicle got cleaned out and #1 suspended a hair dryer from the visor and dried out the seat -- which should have been totally unnecessary -- he has a heated machine shed .... sorry I digress ....

   Anyhow -- 3 more bags of trash -- from the car, the home office and my bedroom.  One would think I would have nothing left post purge -- sadly -- there is more.  Argh.

   I went to bed early -- seemed like the thing to do.  I've cancelled the credit card -- and ordered a new one.  My next project is use two of the zillion batteries I purchased and install them in my garage door openers.


  2014 Statistics ....

    3,510.5 hours of work time ....
       my first thought  ... holy shit.

    301 blog posts -- I ordered a pdf of the blog ... kind of fun to save


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Day 1 of the Fabulous 2015!

Yep, sappy, but to the point. 
Resolutions are posted -- pages are constructed.
Next up is the laundry (ya, more laundry).
And a brief voyage to the big city to the south.
Got to stock up on the necessities in life -- batteries, light bulbs, trash bags, laundry soap -- yes, the necessities.  A couple of returns too -- and a really nice lunch.
Happy New Year
Going to make it a memorable year.