Sunday, January 4, 2015

Blizzard Warning/Girls Weekend @ the Scrap Sack

pre-craftiness strategy meeting -- also know as supper

my first project of the weekend was putting all my tornado pictures/junk into a scrapbook --- above and below are my favorite pictures of that awful summer --- Nick, holding his dozer and freddy the stuffed cow ... giggling with Cathy in the makeshift office (which was the screen porch at the farm)

Jean was running back and forth to the Federal Reserve Bank in Minneapolis with bank transactions and Nick's daycare had been wiped out --- Mom was in Montana and well, Nick was my shadow for a couple of days ... it was so chaotic in the beginning -- he was one tired little boy by the end of the day ... naptimes were non existent -- we were always on the move.

my 2nd project was to turn this pile of goodness into a tote bag -- mission accomplished ... kind of used the denim one as a pattern ... need to find suitable lining and it will be done!

Jean putting together some stars .....

the commute home last night -- blizzard warning --- I was dumb.  It didn't look to bad so I took the field road -- it wasn't too bad on the top but when I got below the hill it got a tad bit messy.  4WD was handy (and needed) some pretty hefty drifts behind our house -- and one I got home the wind roared all night long -- it's  -15 (yes, 15 below 0) now.
I took the field road home Friday night too -- lots of critters roaming the prairie at 10:00 pm

Nick came over and took the group shot -- this was after an attack of the giggles -- not sure why we didn't move the (1) chair and (2) the trash can and well, love the crooked wreath on the wall ...
I also finished piecing 2 strip quilts (what else) ... and started on a scarf .... back today for brunch and some more play time.


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