Friday, January 2, 2015

Day 2

  Well the first day was a bit anti-climatic.

   Fabric was purchased, scrapbooking stuff, office supplies, returned some ugly shoes I had ordered online, exchanged some too large shirts -- and had tasty Chinese for lunch.

   After lunch I managed to knock over my portable glass of tea into the passenger seat of Mom's wheels -- the lid popped off and soaked the seat -- mind you, this was after Kohls, the mall, HyVee and Office Max, it was an already kind of full vehicle.  So Mom rode in the backseat the rest of the journey.  I have now experienced the life of a cab driver. 

  Then we went to Menards -- the mecca of all important stuff.  Light bulbs, batteries, flashlights, food, rugs --- all at 15% off ..... and drum roll ..... between Menards and home, I lost my credit card.  ((insert grin))

  While searching home for said credit card -- the vehicle got cleaned out and #1 suspended a hair dryer from the visor and dried out the seat -- which should have been totally unnecessary -- he has a heated machine shed .... sorry I digress ....

   Anyhow -- 3 more bags of trash -- from the car, the home office and my bedroom.  One would think I would have nothing left post purge -- sadly -- there is more.  Argh.

   I went to bed early -- seemed like the thing to do.  I've cancelled the credit card -- and ordered a new one.  My next project is use two of the zillion batteries I purchased and install them in my garage door openers.


  2014 Statistics ....

    3,510.5 hours of work time ....
       my first thought  ... holy shit.

    301 blog posts -- I ordered a pdf of the blog ... kind of fun to save


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