Thursday, January 29, 2015

feeling the need for some Spring ...

  I cannot complain -- January has been pretty darn good.  But I really have a bad case of Spring fever today ...

  Mrs. H and I started to compare notes ... most if not all of our W2's and 1099's are done -- signed, sealed and delivered.  No wonder we are tired ... there was a lot of them.  More than I expected and well, it went pretty fast. 
  Tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday are work days - I expect to get a lot of things finished up.  That is the plan -- it's the last weekend of working alone ... Cindy comes in February .. as does Kevin and Megan.  I had hoped to have Megan more -- but alas her other job is going well (which is good). 

  WCCO is in town and filming just about everywhere .... good grief we certainly get excited over a news crew and a bunch of camera people.  Alas ... it is never dull.


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