Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday's at the office

   are generally pretty entertaining.

   So far today -- I've managed to complete a couple of projects.   Sunday is the day of trash, cleaning, sorting, staging and planning. 

   I must be the only person to break the toilet seat while swabbing the toilet.  WTH ... the dang seat cracked -- and no I wasn't perched on it nor did I slam it down -- snap and a crack appeared ... to be fair ... I think it is 13 years old ..... so lets hope the hardware store has one ... otherwise the bright orange duct tape will have to work ... might get sticky ...

  The trash is piled up at the back door ... and I'm working up the energy to wash out the fridge.  Not sure when the last time that actually occurred. 

  Next up is the ill fitting bra ... I know TMI -- all I can say -- after my walk -- it's got to go (and go out with the trash) ...


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