Sunday, February 1, 2015

broken resolutions

so the no fabric resolution lasted less than a month ... the fat quarter shop has a flash sale everyday at 10:00 am .... sometimes the deals are just too good to pass up ...

so I took the plunge on one of these -- I could have bought a layer cake, shopped it in half, had twice as many "bars" and spent about the same money ....

for some reason these caught my eye ..
and then I had to purchase some coordinates ... they are gray not sepia .... pictures at 6:00am in a dark home office with a cheep camera! 
laundry is humming --
clean clothes put away
bed is made --
ready for the shower --
and off to work for most of the day --
and then
home for some time at the Bernina (hopefully) ....
I told Mrs. H on Friday -- I want to sew during the busy season -- I'm going to whip out a bunch of friendship stars and mini log cabins from my scrap bin ... 15 minutes here and there over the course of a couple of months and voila --- a bunch of blocks!
I finished oodles of projects yesterday -- I love work days with no interruptions -- the copy pile kept growing all day long ... and the piles on my floor kept disappearing
I think it snowed -- I haven't looked outside (it is dark) ...
Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

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Shay said...

You cant really pass up a fabric bargain - resolutions or no resolutions!