Tuesday, February 10, 2015

reality check

better known as "marie is an idiot" ...

I am attempting to lead the drama free life during this busy season at the office ... I even have a note posted on my wall for clients to read ...."it's a drama free zone" ... and today I came pretty close to falling into the abyss of overworked / overbooked / bad weather in February / tired / cranky syndrome that overwhelms.

An then I had a reality check when 

I read the obituaries ----

my drama is self created -- my issues are nothing, simply nothing. 

that being said -- one more hour of work and then home to bed.

hug your children, life is precious.




Barb H said...

Thanks for the good words, Marie. Life is precious, exactly.

Shay said...

I think we all have moments that bring us back to reality and remind us what is worth getting fussed (or not) over.