Sunday, February 8, 2015

the last 10 days in pictures ...

yep, still coughing once in a while ...

big flakes fell and piled up on Tuesday -- it had to be Tuesday ... the trash was still at the curb ..

another version of the infamous "funeral hotdish" ... aka the "Vatican HotDish"
good grief .. the deer are bedding down a little close to the garage ...
and the beer truck/food truck/tour bus was parked in front of my office -- not the BAR to whom they were delivering ... argh.  This was Friday .. the Tuesday afternoon/evening snow had already melted significantly.  Thankfully. 
Yep, life is crazy ... 66 more days.
This brown winter is weird -- nice, but weird.  Ice this morning was entertaining.  Did okay on the inbound commute -- until I arrived at the grocery store parking lot -- that was a mess.

more fabric arrived on Thursday -- ya, I know -- a kit from craftsy. 
See y'all later.  

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