Sunday, April 26, 2015

Eureka! (warning lots of pictures)

we travel with a lot of stuff
Jane contemplating her next move ...
and these two have even more tools
note ----   I brought the iced coffee on Friday ....
Mrs. B resupplied us on Saturday .....
#1 ... orange & lime green  40 x 50ish
#2 2 1/2" strips ... fence railed .. it's 40 x 40 but adding a thin brown? border and a wider pink polka dot border
#3 .. a fat quarter bundle of something I've had a long time ... 6 x 6 blocks .. next step thin brown border and wider border w/coordinating fabric I purchased with the bundle
this heap became

this ... 42 x 52
I think my favorite of this sewing binge
and a bunch of yellows/grays became this
40 x 50 also
I took the "mystery scrap box" I bought in March and just started cutting and sewing based on similar colors ... more to come from the box of treasures
and the super scrappers (sewer) .. the youth group at St Peters Catholic Church sponsored the day as a fundraiser .. there were only 10 of us (total) for the two days but we had some productive hours ...
We were posing with our "completed" projects ... I was working on a crochet project at the time .... hence the hot scarf strangling me ....
Off to the Deep Valley Quilt Show today ....
edited to remove the super huge picture of us .... dang technology .... never sure what's going to crop up and where.

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Shay said...

There was a ton of crafting going on there ! Well done ladies.

I like your scarf a lot. Someone tried to teach me to crochet a few years ago and gave up in disgust !