Thursday, April 23, 2015

So, to quote Bob

  as in Bob H -- you only live once --

  so, I just got back from the Verizon store -- fast internet will be arriving on Daisy Ln next Wednesday -- it comes with data limits and $$$ but it will be nice to be better connected to the rest of the world (or to the office).

  I scored big at Kohls this morning -- 6 t shirts 3 pairs of shorts, sneakers and jammies for $135 ..... love my 30% off coupon.

  next on the agenda -- packing up the sewing stuff for a crafting gig Friday night and Saturday -- our friends at the Vatican are sponsoring some quality crafting time. 

  also on the agenda

1.  wash/vac Ruby --
2.  basement bathroom at the farm
3.  laundry
4.  finish the current book
5.  clean out closet ... it's a disaster.
6.  move bedroom furniture around and remove the dust bunnies.

see -- I  have lots to do .....



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