Wednesday, April 15, 2015

the big day

it's kind of dull around here today.  we (I) like it that way -- clean up the messes, get the shit tossed that needs to be tossed, file things away and make plans for the rest of April.

tonight is a meeting in Mankato (I get to leave town) .. will pop back into the office to check the answering machine and the computer -- the efile acceptance confirmations have been slow to non-existent today (overload).

tomorrow is a ditch meeting in the metropolis known as Gaylord Minnesota (population 4 -- well almost 4) ... at 8:00am ... need to leave by 7:15 --- it's a pretty drive thru the countryside.

lunch with Mom.  maybe a haircut and a eye job.  and back to the office to work on the projects. 

I'll sleep in on Sunday.  More time then.


ps.  the garden got tilled today!  big plans for the patch this summer.  retirement was short lived (really short).


1 comment:

Barb H said...

You made it! Again! And with no drama! Yea!!!!!