Sunday, May 31, 2015

day 1 at the cabin

Nick & the dog brought the boat over from the public landing .... including a fire pit grill and the entire front end was loaded with wood.

the boys repositioned the lift and put up the canopy

that goofy dog thinks he's "Rose" from the movie Titanic ... sits up front and flaps his ears (or barks at people on shore)

fire pit grill down on shore
Lee caught the first fish -- off the dock ...
So, we have a place on the lake for the summer -- yesterday was our first day and two truck loads of stuff and a boat made out there -- I came home for the night .... and will be packing up more "stuff" ... and a little work before I return ....
It promises to be an entertaining summer!  

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Barb H said...

It looks wonderful at the lake! I've always wanted a place on the lake for summer vacations. I hope you enjoy every moment you're there--even the rainy ones!