Saturday, May 16, 2015

fabric overload, part II

yep, on the way to scrapbooking/sewing a couple of weeks ago -- a dirty ATV works just as well as a car and/or truck

Joanne at the cutting station -- what to buy???? how many yards????
Jan and Joanne at the cash register .. this SRHarris store is a lot nicer/cleaner than the other one ... less stuff to dig thru and the quilting fabrics are displayed like a normal fabric store .... the fabrics were all marked at 50% of retail .... so ...
zippers and buttons

my haul of 29 yards, reds on the bottom, black/green/orange next, limes and purples in the middle, a beige stash builder, a blue and beige strip and lastly ... 2 flannel fat quarters from a quilt shop on the return trek.  --- a lovely haul!

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Shay said...

Gotta love a fabric haul ( you can probably see that one from space !)