Friday, May 22, 2015

finally Friday

it's been the week of entertainment ...

the truck is falling apart
the Mustang is now making funny noises
   it's not good when people stare and point at you ....
   that is my next phone call.
the patch is 98% planted and ready to spray for grass
the little garden is planted (I had nothing to do with it)

the laundry is done
the crap in my office is still piling up.

so today ...

1.  going to call cousin Shorty regarding the Mustang
2.  going to call the truck repairman and get it scheduled
3.  going to plant the last row in the patch
         (green beans, zinnias, tomato's and an assortment of peppers)
4.  going to sort and organize the work piles
5.  going to sew.

yep, it's going to be a productive day.

Happy Friday y'all.


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