Monday, May 4, 2015

Last Week ....

1.  pieced 5 crib tops
              (most were very simple)
2.  quilted
         bold printed jelly roll       
3.  bound
         green/yellow throw
4.  mowed half the office lawn
5.  cleaned out the truck
6.  got the office cardboard recycling under control
7.  worked every day (or attempted to work)
8.  attended market kick off meeting

hmmm might explain why no cleaning or gardening got done eh!

I went back to the long arm last night and finished up on 2 more crib quilts -- will have 5 done for the relay-for-life silent auction

the rains came -- no hail -- now the grass will really grow.  I believe the patch is getting worked up and marked today ... let the planting begin .... slowly, as slow as an old out-of-shape/oversized body can go.

so this week
1.  2 more crib quilts to quilt
           green/lavender/cream floral
           khaki, red, blue (it's just butt ugly)
2.  bind #1 and the navy/cream  -- get delivered
3.  decide on the wedding gift quilt and get it cut out/start piecing

4.  plant the patch ...
5.  get the truck fixed
6.  buy a lawnmower and get that project done.
7.  spray weeds at the office.
8.  office
           payroll taxes
           non profit returns
           2013 mnprs
           lots of shit.


1 comment:

Shay said...

Last week looks horrendously busy! Do you ever sit still?

Good Luck with your list for this week too.