Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Note to Walgreens ...

Dear Walgreens;
   Thanks for the SLOW shipping of my pictures --- although they took 10 days the quality is quite good.   I so enjoyed looking at them, especially those of someone else's vacation.  It appears they enjoyed the Tiki bar and a fancy resort in Hawaii (must be Hawaii -- appears to have lava). 

   I certainly hope -- if some receives my pictures in the future they will also enjoy them, I am, however quite dull.  Veggies, flowers and quilts are not as entertaining as someone lounging in a pool with a beverage in their hand.


The Watermelon Diva




Shay said...

Oh dear - the people whose photos you got are probably just as disappointed as you are . Any way of Walgreens being able to correct their mistake?

Barb H said...

To bad, Marie, about the pix. And I would have to say that my experience with Walgreens is that they don't like to admit to mistakes much less correct them. The upside about this is that when you do go to Hawaii, you'll already have your pix taken and can just relax and really enjoy that froo froo drink!