Saturday, May 2, 2015

notes to self:

yep, list time

1.  finish my tax return (quit laughing)
2.  balance my checkbook (ditto)
3.  mow the freeking grass
4.  buy flowers
5.  empty trash
6.  sweep garage
7.  pack for scrapbooking
8.  take shower/wash hair/brush teeth
9.  clean off desk
10. grocery store
         out of dish soap
         treats for scrapbooking

hmmm -- should add a nap to that list.  yesterday was a disjointed day ... everything was kittywampus.  After supper I headed to my favorite Shopko to purchase the essentials in life -- toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap and dental floss.  Well forgot the soap, but picked up the cool quilt magazine. 

by 8:00pm I was finally at the sewing machine.  tops were pressed, backing was selected, batting was cut and measured, thread selected and bobbins filled.

by 5:00am I had the long arm humming -- yep, 5:00am.  the orange/lime quilt, the yellow/grey quilt and the flannel quilt were all quilted by 7:30 am -- it was going good so I kept on sewing! 

will be binding those 3, a lap robe and a table runner at scrapbooking this afternoon/evening. 


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